About Us


boo•gee is an e-commerce platform based in Manila, Philippines founded in 2020 by siblings, Karina Kapunan-Cuenco & Viktor Kapunan. They both have taken interest in different fragrances, especially in scented candles.

Their love for anything that smells good has brought interest in sharing it to other people. Thus, the creation of boo•gee. While their main mission is to share their passion for scents, they also want to encourage the Philippine local market to make their living spaces cozier through the aroma that 1 candle can give, at the same time, have a centerpiece that could fit any home aesthetic.

boo•gee is the pronunciation of bougie, French for candle. The brand name is inspired by the French's taste in everything beautiful & attention to detail. boo•gee, as a platform, makes sure that the products are well-curated & thought of just like how the French does it.

Browse through the pages & get your own waxy bundle of joy specially curated for you!